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WELCOME TO  Studio Samsara

Our vision is to awaken and inspire millions of people around the world to their true potential by sharing our unique approach to movement and mindset, empowering them to let go of inhibitions and comparison, allow and accept their authentic self, for them to remember that they already have all of the knowing and awareness within them to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually and guide them to trust their intuition, listen to their bodies and experience a life of Freedom, Grace, Ease and Flow. 

“Our Bodies are Master Communicators, I’m just here to remind you how to listen.” Sarah Adele –  Studio Samsara

Can’t decide between a Pilates class and a Yoga class?

That’s because your body needs elements of both and your requirements can change on a moment to moment basis.

At the Loft we offer Integrative Movement sessions on A Reformer Bed because we understand that your body deserves more than a general exercise class.

Through observation and over 20 years experience we intuitively guide you through a nourishing movement session offering all that is essential for your body in each moment.

Encouraging individuality, enhanced alignment and awareness you will leave feeling empowered and strong yet relaxed and free.

Step inside our Aqua Gates to experience our Unique Sessions or join us Online.