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The Loft is a Boutique Yoga and Pilates Reformer studio located Beach End of Main St Mornington.

As soon as you enter the Aqua gates you’ll start to detach from the hustle and bustle and once you step inside the Feng Shui inspired space you’ll instantly feel welcome, supported and nurtured.

The unique and Revolutionary Classes are designed for you!

What your mind and body need to discover a sense of balance and ease and to help you thrive in life!

“You’re only as young as your spine is flexible” and we will ensure you are as Supple as you are Strong, as Mobile as you are Stable and after an Energising and uplifting session you’ll enjoy a blissful relaxation that will see you float back into your Day! 

Feel The Burn and Find Your Bliss in our intimate classes of just 5 participants per session.

If you are after Intelligent Movement and developing a sense of Grace and Ease you will simply adore our offerings.

Discovery session Solo or Share

  • 1 Person – $1202 People – $150 3 People – $180
    4 People – $1905 People – $200
  • Share your introduction with Family or Friends to make it more economical for you all.

  • Group Introductory Discovery session (Class Environment) – $45

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The Loft

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A Discovery session is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you join a general class.
Even if you are experienced in Pilates or Yoga what you learn in our Discovery session will give a deeper understanding of your body, habits, posture and Movement patterns than ever before.
Our sessions are quite unique and far from a traditional approach so a Discovery session will introduce you to our Philosophy, Teaching style and approach! Not only will you get a solid foundation for moving forward into classes but we will get to know your body and what you need and deserve.

A Discovery session can be experienced in a private setting or you can make it more economical by sharing with your friends or family.

Group Discovery sessions are also offered at a discounted rate.


Anything you are comfortable to move in. Bare feet are welcome although Grip socks are recommended for hygiene.



Yes, we have showers available for use before or after class.



No our passes provide plenty of flexibility. You can come and go as you please but keep in mind we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy as people don’t like to get stuck on waiting lists and we like to give them plenty of notice if you cant make it.



No you wont as long as you provide 24 hours notice. Were only human! If its an emergency we will amend cancellation for you but this 24 hour policy helps us both! Your motivation and commitment and us providing a wonderful business for you all to enjoy.



Yes, we do by appointment! Get in touch with our team and we’ll find a time that suits us all!


OUR teacher

Sarah Mackay-Wiggers is new to the Mornington Peninsula and is feeling very blessed to be sharing her passion of movement and wellbeing here in Paradise.
With a background as a Professional Dancer Sarah completed her first Pilates Certification in 2007.

She opened her first studio in 2009 and it rapidly expanded into 3 separate venues with up to 25 staff and hundreds of clients, a Dance Studio, a Pilates and Yoga Studio and a Pilates Reformer studio. It was a hugely successful and rewarding time but Sarah admits she was a “workaholic!” and something had to give.

After an unexpected life event, she decided to practice what she preached by slowing down and actually taking the time to think about what sort of life she wanted to lead!
The ocean was a major factor in Sarah and her husband Jason deciding to uproot their family and enjoy the life they dreamt about.

Rather than rushing into opening another “studio”, Sarah took the time to explore what was offered around the Peninsula.
Extremely impressed with the variety and stunning studios she did observe however, that a lot of people were just doing rather than understanding why, that people were rushing and not realising the importance of slowing down and in the large group settings she noticed a lot of people exercising inefficiently and potentially doing themselves a lot of damage!

She created Discovery sessions where people can come and explore what it feels like to let go of unecessary tension, what true ALIGNMENT and Core Activation really is, the influence of the psoas and fascia within our bodies and most importantly helping people become Educated, Aware and Empowered within their bodies, minds and movement patterns!

She encourages everyone to experience a Discovery session and to then take their newfound understanding back to their regular classes.

Looking back to her former life of being constantly busy, rushed and tired Sarah is very grateful to now be leading a life of balance and is so passionate in helping others find a sense of grace, balance, ease and flow in their lives.