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The Loft class descriptions


You have experienced our Discovery session and are now ready to implement your newfound knowledge and awareness!

Spark a newfound energy and an Empowered Outlook that will guide you through your class and day with a renewed sense of freedom and flow.
Create Strength, Suppleness, Enhanced Intuition and Connection to what your body needs and deserves in this session and enjoy a Blissful Release and relaxation to complete your experience.


You have Discovered, Awakened and Nurtured in our Reformer sessions and are now ready to rise to a Higher level. ELEVATE your Heart Rate and Awareness in our Ultimate Class that is an ideal blend of Feeling The Burn, Sweat, Laughter and Relaxation.

Earn your Wings and Soar High, my friend, you deserve the view from the top!


It’s now the time of Day to Nurture You!
Your Body and Your Mind.
This is your chance to Disconnect from your day and connect to your body!
Our Internal Clocks are linked to the Rhythms of Nature and we want to ensure you live a life of balance and vitality so as the day starts to fade away we will gently nurture our bodies from the inside out developing the strength to withstand tomorrow, the flexibility to adapt to whatever it may throw at us and a sense of relaxation and calm so we can head home to enjoy a restful night and a nourishing sleep.

What’s messing with your flow today?
… Back and neck pain and tension?
… Stress and anxiety?
… Poor digestion?
… Wishing you could firm and flatten your stomach?
… Wanting to be more efficient and have more endurance during sport or at exercise? Do you just want to feel more in control and empowered in your body?

‘Balance’ can be something we struggle with – in our lives, in our homes and in our work, it can seem like an ever-elusive thing we are always trying to figure out.
But when your posture is involved it can be made simple.

Studio Samsara would love to help you discover how a balanced body and mind will help you move through your days with a sense of freedom and flow.
What if I told you, you could finally let go of that unnecessary tension you’re holding and discover a new way of exercising and existing that is more efficient and effective, even dare I say it… easier? You could even stand an inch or two taller!

Join me for a Discovery Session

I will help you find…
– How amazing it feels to let go of that unnecessary tension you are carrying with you throughout your days without even realising it!
– What true Core Strength and Stability really is, so you’re not wasting your precious time at the gym!
– How to efficiently activate your pelvic floor and deep abdominals to relieve back pain, incontinence, prolapse and – the thing that is seldom left of anyone’s list – a firmer, flatter stomach!
– Why Yin like stretching is so important and how it will help you release the “handbrake” that you have on when driving through life!
Give yourself permission to indulge and enjoy this chance for self care!
You deserve this!

Individual Sessions By Appointment at $120 or why not share the experience with your Partner, Friend or Family Member?