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ABOUT   Sarah Mackay-Wiggers

Soooo…. A little about me!

I was a Professional Dancer in my younger years and life certainly was exciting and fun. There’s nothing quite like being on stage doing what you love and I have been blessed to have always followed my passion and I guess I could say “I’ve never had a real job in my life”.

Working as “Wonder Woman” at Warner Bros Movie World was one of my last jobs before becoming a Mum and it was at that stage of my life that I realised what “true core stability” was. 

I had the “six pack”, could kick my legs up over my head and was fit and strong but when I would head back into the green room to get changed I could hardly bend down to take off my shoes.

Thanks to Pilates I transformed from “superficial” fitness to delving deeper and discovering how it feels to be truly aligned and connected and what core stability really is.

This inspired my Evolution into a career teaching Pilates and Yoga and from there I relocated from the Gold Coast to Warragul in Gippsland to have my first baby Malachi with my hubby Jase.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Zanna I simultaneously opened Studio Samsara a Pilates, Yoga and Dance studio.

It quickly evolved to 3 different venues, hundreds of clients, a huge team and a BUSY LIFE! It was an enjoyable time but I often felt especially with the dance studio that I was doing it as it was what I knew and I was good at, but I had this deep yearning for something different.

Some people feel settled doing what they have always done but I want to grow and change and explore as many avenues in life as possible. (You do too? Awesome! I’d love to support you along the way if you’re feeling a little unsure.)

I had the inner pull to change but I was taking a little too long and I love that saying that “If You Don’t make the necessary choices in Life the Universe will make you so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to change!” and now here I am.

We have now relocated to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula by the sea where my Soul feels alive. Your Environment is SO IMPORTANT and I highly encourage you to listen to that inner pull no matter how uncomfortable or scary change may be. (I’m here to guide you if you need a helping hand.)

Blessed now with three beautiful kids (I also had a surprise baby girl called Bodhi and another Beautiful Birth. I’m in the process of writing a book on pregnancy and birth) Jase and I are living “A Life we don’t need a holiday from.” It sounds cliche I know but it’s true and of course we still want holidays but Life is pretty amazing when you love where you live and do what you love. (I love nothing more than helping you create that life too)

Dividing my time between my family, my studio The Loft in Mornington and my Online Channel, now leading a more balanced life allows me the opportunity to delve deeper into my Spirituality and Curiosity of the Human Body and Mind. I am intrigued by the Cyclic Nature of Women and love to embrace all Elements of our Personality by creating Movement for Every Mood.

I also share my Experience by Mentoring. If you are a teacher of Movement looking to enhance your offerings and find your Authentic Voice, a Pregnant Woman looking for guidance and Empowerment for a positive pregnancy and birth or a Woman simply looking for some support and encouragement to courageously step into the Life you Dream about I would like nothing more than to meet you.

So enough about me! Time to talk about you. Get in touch and let me know all of your plans and dreams. 

I can’t wait to meet you.