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Discovery Sessions are something I created through my years of observation and experience teaching Human Movement.

They have now been enjoyed by hundreds of people ranging from Fitness Professionals to middle age men with bad backs, teenage girls to post natal mums.

Discovery sessions hold space for you to bring a sense of balance back to your body and mind. By slowing down and reconnecting with true alignment you will become aware of the unconscious clutching and clenching that has become ingrained within us often due to past experience and our busy, fast and highly stressed lives.

You will uncover what core strength really is and the equal importance of softness, release and letting go. Become aware of optimal breathing and the connection to your core, pelvic floor and it’s effect on your nervous system.

We will awaken your appreciation of incorporating a Yin approach into your exercise regime and life, learning how to release the deep seated tension, resistance and pain within and understand how our emotions are so deeply connected to our posture and physical body.

It is an opportunity to enhance your awareness and Mind Body connection to ensure you move safely and efficiently in future classes.

This enlightening and highly beneficial session will transform your movement and mindset making you feel strong and empowered yet relaxed and free.

If only you could post a video of before and after because words cannot describe the awesomeness of this session. The difference of me walking in a stressed, uptight, tired new mum to walking out a relaxed, revitalised, powerful new woman. All thanks to Sarah.

Monique Q

Discovery Sessions are available by appointment in person at The Loft or virtually via Zoom.