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After teaching Movement for over 20 years I began to notice people exercising for the wrong reasons. Their attempts for fitness were futile unless they first addressed their underlying subconscious stress and tension. When would they realise that what they needed was to actually slow down?

Sure they had ticked exercise off their list for the day but how were they feeling in other aspects of their life? There’s no peace in Savasana if you’re worried about money. There’s no joy in Wealth unless you have someone to share it with or something to contribute to. There’s no satisfaction in the perfect physique if you’re always wanting more.

Are they considering their environment and the people they connect with?

Are they finding time for Inspiration, Adventure and still having fun?

Have they found their purpose?

Is their work stimulating and fulfilling?

Are they Living or simple existing?

Movement is definitely important and our Physical Body is a reflection of our mind and emotional state but my purpose has evolved to encourage you to look beyond just fitness and nutrition to discover true Health and Wellbeing.

I feel like I am doing you a disservice if we only focus on Movement.

A balanced life is possible when we consider and nurture all elements.

Are you ready to explore a little further?

Let’s see where you’re at right now and get a glimpse as to why you’re feeling the way you do.

Let’s Connect via Zoom for a 1 hour Connection Call to answer all of your Questions and determine which form of Elemental You Mentorship may be for you.