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you’re having a baby!

It really is the most amazing thing you will ever experience (even if you’re feeling a little sick right now) and I would just love to support you along the way. I enjoyed three beautiful pregnancies and wonderful births and I look forward to sharing my expertise in Pre Natal Movement and experience with you.

It has been such a privilege guiding hundreds of women throughout the years in their pregnancies and births and I love nothing more than to hear the feedback when they too experience enjoyable, comfortable pregnancies and natural and empowering births.

You, my lovely gave me the tools to have the birth I wanted and weirdly now I want to do it all again. All the tips and advice you gave me allowed me to have a natural drug free labour and it was beautiful.

I’m forever thankful.

I now understand when people say birth can be amazing.
It can!

R. Connelly


Before you overhaul the nursery let’s prioritise some time to overhaul your relationship with your body.
Pregnancy is not a time to join a HIIT session if you’ve never done one before nor is it time to stop exercise completely.

The first element we begin to focus on is honouring your body’s messages. Some days you’re up for exercise and some days you’re not. Allowing yourself to rest without the guilt is essential and knowing to not keep pushing through is even more important.

I will help you create awareness of optimal alignment and true core stability as I guide you through Pilates and Yoga inspired Pre Natal movement to nourish and strengthen your blossoming body.
You will rediscover the importance of breath and it’s fundamental influence on your pelvic floor, core, nervous system and birth experience.

What I believe is the game changer that you don’t really learn anywhere else is when you understand how to release the subconscious stress we are holding without realising and the connection between our emotions and physical body.

It’s the magic combination of strengthening your body, mind, intuition and trust that will ensure you have the highest likelihood of a dream pregnancy and even better birth.


This Transformational session will equip you with a deep awareness and connection to your body so that you are confident to exercise throughout pregnancy and trust that the movements you choose are safe and nourishing.
Create the appropriate strength that will support you throughout pregnancy and develop an understanding of how to release any aches, pains tor tension.

This Discovery session is Essential before joining our Online Pre Natal Membership which is a beautiful range of integrative Movement, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Yin, Meditation and Pregnancy Affirmations.

Are you ready to start this beautiful adventure together?


So the big day is nearly here! If you’ve been moving with me throughout your pregnancy you’ll already have a great understanding and awareness of your body but if you’re here for for the first time and bubs is almost due don’t stress I can bring you up to speed.

Calm Birth is great but I wouldn’t say my birth’s were all filled with Zen so I like to prepare my clients for the intense moments too and loading your playlist with plenty of uptempo beats is a great thing to remember.

Together we’ll help you let go of inhibitions (get ready to stomp and growl) cultivate a deep trust and awareness of your body and learn the techniques and tools that I intuitively developed during birth that made my experiences (and hundreds of other women too) so positive. Our bodies know what to do, it’s just that so often we let our fear get in the way.
I’m here to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Ready to learn my secrets to a magical birth?

Join me for a 1.5 hour Zoom Consultation to answer all of your questions and prepare you for a Positive and Empowering Birth.

Hi Sarah! Meet my little Annabeth Willow just a couple minutes after being born. She’s a special one, born en caul! In just 2:50mins on April 6th at 2:40pm. I stayed in hospital just one night and she’s already had two settled nights at home. Thank you for the baby mama classes, I went in so confidently and thought of everything during the labour. Just the most amazing moment of my life!!!!

I think I’m cleared to come to class so see you Thursday.

S Harris