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Integrative Awakened Movement

An Enlightened PD for Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Instructors.

Welcome to this unique program for Movement Professionals that will set you apart and attract your soul connections and clients.

Some people can’t decide between a Pilates class and a Yoga class and that’s because their body needs elements of both and their requirements can change on a moment to moment basis.

This program will equip you with the ability to cater to your clients changing needs.

Are you ready to stand out from the overload of Pilates and Yoga teachers and studios in your area?

Do you want your classes to be a true expression of your essence and authentic self?

Want to learn how to give your clients an Integrative Movement session that will go far beyond what they have experienced before in a general class?


Help you understand the integral components that will set your Pilates classes apart from the rest and uncover the elements you can add to your Yoga classes that will better support and nourish your clients.

You know how beneficial Pilates is and isn’t it frustrating when people say they don’t like it? It’s not that they don’t like Pilates, maybe it’s just that they don’t like the way it was delivered?

How many times have you heard “I’m not a Yogi” but you just know how much that person would benefit from Yoga? They didn’t resonate with the teacher or style of delivery in the past but maybe they’re waiting for your approach?

When you unleash your essence and teaching style it will attract your soul connections and clients and more people will experience the benefits of Integrative Movement.

These people are waiting for you!

Are you ready to Shine Your Light so they can find you?

This innovative training will help you give your clients a deeper experience that a traditional class.
Content includes –

  • Releasing subconscious stress and the Nervous Systems
  • Psoas/ Fascia/ Pelvic Floor
  • Introducing Yin
  • Intention, Mindset and Confidence
  • Language and Tone of voice
  • Common Mistakes in clients
  • Rhythm and Tempo
  • Elemental Wellness
  • Integrative Movement
  • Intuition and Individuality
  • Emotional Connection to the body
  • Environment and Ambience
  • Relaxation and Savasana
  • Communication and Cueing
  • Props and Class themes
  • Your unique approach and essence
  • Attract your Soul Connections and Clients
  • Conscious Sales and Marketing
  • Authentic/Valuable Social Media content
  • And any of your concerns and questions that you have or that arise in program as it will be delivered in an interactive format.

Prerequisite: This is a Professional Development for those who have already undertaken formal training in Pilates, Yoga or Fitness.

It is designed to help you expand your knowledge and experience, introducing a more Integrative and Holistic approach to your clients and increasing your confidence to step into your own unique teaching method. The course is also accessible if you are highly experienced in Yoga, Pilates or Fitness and are considering making it your profession.


Is this a standardised training? No!
This training is anything but Standard or Traditional.
It is an opportunity for you to break the mould and set yourself apart from the rest.

Are your clients standard? No!
They are unique and individual and deserve to have classes offered to them to support that.

The course commences on January 11 2021. There will 2 x 1 hour Interactive Zoom sessions a week for 10 weeks. 
The sessions will be recorded via separate camera for High Quality playback.

We will have a private Facebook Group for Questions, Connection and Collaboration with other participants for the duration of the program.

Investment: $1111