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Step inside our Aqua Gates to experience our Unique Sessions or join us Online.

Can’t decide between a Pilates class and a Yoga class?

That’s because your body needs elements of both and your requirements can change on a moment to moment basis.

At the Loft we offer Integrative Movement sessions on A Reformer Bed because we understand that your body deserves more than a general exercise class.
Through observation and over 20 years experience we intuitively guide you through a nourishing movement session offering all that is essential for your body in each moment.

Encouraging individuality, enhanced alignment and awareness you will leave feeling empowered and strong yet relaxed and free.

Studio Samsara | Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerial, Meditation Warragul


Studio Samsara | Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerial, Meditation Warragul


Studio Samsara | Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Aerial, Meditation Warragul


The Loft is:

A place where you can accept yourself for who you are.
A place that is not about challenges and going hard and fast.
A place where you can invite some Yin into our Yang Based lives.
A place where you realise it’s ok to slow down.
A place where you understand that exercise doesn’t have to be punishing, it can be nourishing and effective at the same time.
A place that brings the human back to movement.
A place that ignites your Femininity and Grace
A place to embrace your individuality
A place free from Comparison
A place to help you believe that it’s not about looking a certain way, it’s about feeling a certain way
A place to reconnect to your own body and mind releasing all that’s unnecessary
A place where you begin to trust your own intuition
A place to build awareness and explore conscious movement, thoughts and choices
A place to find alignment and the sense of lightness and ease it creates
A place where you discover how amazing it feels to let go
A place to overcome fear and step into your authenticity
A place where you are reminded that Our Bodies are Master Communicators



A Discovery session is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED before you join a general class.
Even if you are experienced in Pilates or Yoga what you learn in our Discovery session will give a deeper understanding of your body, habits, posture and Movement patterns than ever before.
Our sessions are quite unique and far from a traditional approach so a Discovery session will introduce you to our Philosophy, Teaching style and approach! Not only will you get a solid foundation for moving forward into classes but we will get to know your body and what you need and deserve.

A Discovery session can be experienced in a private setting or you can make it more economical by sharing with your friends or family.

Group Discovery sessions are also offered at a discounted rate.

Anything you are comfortable to move in. Bare feet are welcome although Grip socks are recommended for hygiene.
Yes, we have showers available for use before or after class.
No our passes provide plenty of flexibility. You can come and go as you please but keep in mind we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy as people don’t like to get stuck on waiting lists and we like to give them plenty of notice if you cant make it.
No you wont as long as you provide 24 hours notice. Were only human! If its an emergency we will amend cancellation for you but this 24 hour policy helps us both! Your motivation and commitment and us providing a wonderful business for you all to enjoy.
Yes, we do by appointment! Get in touch with our team and we’ll find a time that suits us all!

hey there i’m  Sarah and it’s so great to meet you! Thanks for being here.

After teaching movement for so long I realised the importance of a more unique approach to each client and I now offer Integrative Movement sessions on a Reformer Bed.

My intention is to instil a sense of awareness, conscious movement and efficiency developing true strength, alignment and a deep understanding of your own body. The nourishing sessions invite you to create Grace, Ease and Flow within your body and mind and ensure you will float out of the studio after your Blissful Savasana feeling light, uplifted and free.

My Online sessions are just as inspired with offerings of Pilates, Yoga, Yin, Dance, Meditation and Mindset with my Integrative approach to movement evident in each session.

I now specialise in “Discovery Sessions” which I have created through my years of observation and experience in Human Movement.

Discovery Sessions have been transformational for people and I am so proud of the response, feedback and results. People these days know how to do and try and strive, but they have forgotten how to BE. They go from too much to not enough. Where is just enough?

Discovery sessions hold space for you to bring a sense of balance back to your body and mind. By slowing down and reconnecting with true alignment you will become aware of the unconscious clutching and clenching that has become ingrained within us often due to our busy, fast and highly stressed lives.

You will uncover what core strength really is and the equal importance of softness, release and letting go. Rediscover optimal breathing, it’s connection to your core, pelvic floor and it’s effect on your nervous system.

Learn how to release the deep seated tension, resistance and pain within and understand how our emotions are so deeply connected to our posture and physical body.