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The Loft class descriptions




Discovery Session

Where your Experience begins…..

Your Experience at The Loft begins with a Discovery Session which is simply a chance to understand why you feel the way you do and what YOU can do about it. I’m passionate about you learning about you so you can break the cycle of someone else fixing you all the time!

Create a solid foundation upon which to build on in future classes or just take your Enhanced Awareness and Understanding with you into your daily life to feel better in each moment of every day.

Maybe you’re feeling a little stiff and sore, maybe you’re stressed and anxious, maybe you’re trying to tone and lose weight but nothing’s working, maybe you love your workouts and you want to take your awareness and technique to the next level….

No matter what (who you are, what you do and yes even how old you are) you’ll love a Discovery session.

We’ll chat all things posture, pelvic floor, what your core really is, why it’s important to think about your joints, connective tissues and fascia and you’ll learn all about a muscle that may be controlling your weight and your mental state without you even realising! 

Your session also includes a taste of our Magic Reformer sessions which end in a Blissful Savasana ensuring you will literally Float on out of the studio and into your day feeling more aware, lighter, energised and inspired.

“Whilst in Yoga classes and Pilates classes, whilst walking down the street I would always notice things..the way people moved, the way they would perform certain exercises, the way they were sitting, standing….

If only I could just walk on over, explain a few things and help them out, I wished.

If only they were aware of these few simple things!

Not only would it enhance what they were doing, it would improve the way they move and feel!

I knew I couldn’t just approach strangers in other peoples classes or on the street so Discovery sessions were born!”

Awaken, Elevate, Nurture

Our Signature Classes

These classes aren’t about how good you are or how fit you are they are designed around the time of day it is and what you need in each moment.

You will have already enjoyed a Discovery session and have a good base to get started.

With only 5 participants in each session my class planning begins when you walk in the door. When we chat and I get an inkling into the day you’ve had and don’t forget I’m a Pilates Instructor….Your Posture tells me a thousand words.

The sessions develop as we go, through my observation of your movement patterns, intuition and a desired outcome of ensuring a sense of balance is achieved throughout your entire body.

Are you as supple as you are strong?

Are You as stable as you are mobile?

With only 5 people per session I can adapt to whatever it is you may need that day and will ensure your session is perfectly suited to you whilst enjoying a fun and flowing group environment.

“Sarah, Thankyou! You will be changing peoples lives not just their bodies.”