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“Walk your talk” I am looking at that popular saying with a fresh perspective at the moment.

How you walk can say a lot about you. It is an introduction, a first impression, it’s represents how we are feeling on the inside. Sure there may be times when you walk with a false sense of bravado, but what if you could make that false sense True?

It is etched in my brain. “Oh Sarah, she walks with a pole stuck up her a#$@!” I’ll never forget hearing that when I was younger. Did I take it as an insult or a compliment? I don’t think it was intentional, I think it was just me? The dancers posture, or was it that I actually felt good and I hadn’t let society, ego or comparison allow me to think otherwise.

Do you know how you walk? Are aware of how your walk is representing you? Are you a brisk walker with a short stride? Maybe you dawdle and linger? Are you rounded forward or are you a chin up, shoulders back type person?

If sitting is the new smoking, what if we could make walking the new medicine? I mean it is something we do a lot.

The sad part of what is happening to our walking patterns on a physical level is that we are essentially taking our chair with us every where we go. We remain a little rounded forward in our upper body, our hips still closed or flexed and we are taking shorter strides. It’s the not best habit to get in to.

What we want to do is lengthen our spine (without trying too hard, that will just cause our muscles to overwork) and take larger strides ensuring that our legs actually move behind us when we walk so our hip joints get to open up (from all that sitting we do) and our butt has to switch on which is great aesthetically but also great to support our lower back too.

It’s amazing the amount of people that head to a Pilates or Yoga class to “open up their hips”, create strength and length and they do for an hour, but then they revert to their old sitting or walking habits and the bad unfortunately outweighs the good.

In all of the amazing shows I performed in and people I got to work with in my Professional Dance Career, do you know the favourite thing I ever did? It was walk. Not Dance. Walk.

It was when I was Wonder Woman at Warners Bros Movie World and that role also had plenty of amazing action shows, stunts and performances but what I loved most and what is still etched in my brain is the Walk we did down Main St with the entire Justice League Crew.

The music would come on and we would walk out , strike our “Super Hero “ stance and then proceed to walk down Main Street.

In every cell of my body I felt that walk. I felt proud, confident, feminine and powerful. I felt on top of the world. My walk was representing what I felt inside.

Do we need a Super hero costume to make us feel this way? No, but it will take practice.

In a world full of manifestation and positive affirmations, it’s all good to “think it” but what’s missing is the action behind it.

Waking up every morning and saying “I am Strong, I am Beautiful, I am Enough”, is well…… not enough!

What we need to do is take those thoughts and allow them to set the intention of how you feel inside. Let those thought then reflect through the way you stand and walk. Sure you are probably going to have that little voice inside asking you who the hell you are, but would a Super hero let a tiny little voice with no physical presence stop them? Exactly!

So maybe we do need to bring that Super Hero persona with us for awhile to get us started…..

And then what’s going to happen, is that after a while you will realise that you are that Super Hero, you always have been, maybe you just let someone or something take your costume away from you?

It’s time to take that costume back.

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Sarah was a Professional Dancer and her career evolved into owning and running Pilates and Yoga studios for over a decade. Through observation and experience she has now created Integrative Movement as she realised that people need more than a general exercise class. Their needs change moment to moment so her method allows elements of different modalities and have a strong focus on people developing their own intuition and awareness of their own body.

“Our Bodies are Master Communicators, I’m just here to help you remember how to listen.

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